Sales Messaging Component Design and Testing

Primary Point specializes in the design and testing of sales messaging components for use in direct sales.  Program design includes formulating company introductory scripts, product overview scripts, voice-mail message scripts, and a calling guide with questions designed to qualify and quantify the target account’s sales potential.  Specialized questions for contacts in different functional roles can also be developed.  These sales messaging components are rigorously tested by Primary Point senior staff consultants over a period of weeks via telephone inquiry into a list of client target accounts.  Messaging is continuously refined until optimized. 

In addition to effective messaging components, program deliverables include insight into:

  • Market intelligence from real-world buyers. 
  • Competitive intelligence. 
  • Customer needs, likes, and dislikes. 
  • Perceptual factors influencing the decision-making process. 
  • Institutional decision-making framework. 
  • Functional roles and representative titles of key decision-makers and purchase-influencers. 
  • Detailed conversation summaries from key contact interviews. 
  • Sales opportunities at specific target accounts uncovered during the fieldwork process. 
  • Contact data for future research.  

Primary Point can test and refine a client’s existing sales scripting and tools - leveraging expertise honed over 100s of engagements, or a Greenfields approach to messaging component design can be used.  Leveraging a rigorous and systematic approach to component design can maximize internal salesforce productivity and sales effectiveness.  Using a focus group approach to issue development with client sales staff prior to program commencement is an option, as is post-program sales training.

Primary Point provides sales messaging component design and testing as part of our account discoverysales intelligence, and sales lead development programs, or as a stand-alone service offering.