Online Survey Capabilities

Where advantageous, Primary Point offers integrated multi-channel capabilities using both online and telephone-based data collection methods.

Our web survey capabilities are powerful, flexible, and easy to deploy.  Standard features include:

  • Complex branching, without limits on conditions.
  • Rotation and randomization of questions, listed options, or whole sections of a survey.
  • Question piping.
  • Insertion of graphics and other design elements.
  • Password protection and prevention of "ballot stuffing".
  • Rigorous testing methodologies.
  • High level analytical and reporting capabilities.
  • Ability to integrate telephone-based contact methods to your online survey initiative, if necessary, to improve response rates or augment data quality.
  • Best-of-breed panel providers.

We can handle any feature that is technically possible on the Web.  Our survey engine is open and extensible.  If you have special requirements, we can handle them, and at a reasonable cost.



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