Program Design and Marketing Communications

Primary Point provides marketing communications expertise in support of the client programs outlined elsewhere in these pages.

The importance of the design component of such programs is often overlooked. This is unfortunate, as even the best program execution skills are underutilized without a firm design foundation.

Primary Point's marketing communications design skills:
  • Create highly defined program messaging components including: questionnaires, introductory scripts, product overview scripts, and voice-mail messaging scripts.
  • Tailor this messaging in a way that is meaningful to the target audience in view of their functional role, industry experience, and knowledge of your solution category and competitors.
  • Survey the marketplace to help understand what perceptual factors may be at play and determine how your solution can be most effectively compared and differentiated, within the program context.
  • Develop such messaging to create interest, excitement, or otherwise engage your intended audience.
  • Succinctly and clearly explain your solution and value proposition to the intended audience.
  • Design in-depth questionnaires which qualify and quantify opportunities.


No matter how good the initial design, it is only via a robust and iterative refinement process in the early stages of program execution that results will be optimized.

Once Primary Point has completed the initial program design, messaging components are tested and refined during the first weeks of program execution. Such refinements occur on a daily basis. For example, a questionnaire may be modified 20+ times before it is optimized. Likewise, introductory, product overview, and voice-mail messaging scripts will be improved, as needed.

In addition, Primary Point’s senior management participate in early stage calling. By focusing such senior resources on each new client program, Primary Point is able to optimize efforts and results, and accelerate the optimization process.

See Primary Point's Sales Messaging for additional information on direct sales messaging component design and testing.  

Consulting Services

Primary Point provides consulting services focused on sales and lead generation processes.  Services include a granular evaluation of sales related processes and methodologies, including: account and lead targeting, qualification, closed-loop follow-up, and marketing communications tools. 


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