Account Discovery and Sales Lead Development

Primary Point designs and executes telephone-based marketing programs that provide our clients with a clear view of the sales opportunity landscape within specific target accounts and markets.  Primary Point has a highly differentiated approach to program design and execution.

Primary Point's clients include software and professional services industry firms whose solution involves: complex business and IT issues, executive-level decision-makers and purchase influencers (C-Suite, EVP, SVP, VP, Director), and high average selling prices.

Not only do Primary Point's highly detailed program deliverables identify current sales prospects and purchase criteria, they also allow our clients to prioritize future initiatives by: identifying medium and longer term opportunities, and eliminating non-productive targets.

Program Design  

  • Assimilation of client marketing collateral, syndicated research, and other third-party research sources. 
  • Leveraging sophisticated marketing communications capabilities to create effective program scripting and messaging.
  • Component testing to create effective messaging strategies that encourage respondent interaction.
  • Iterative approach to design improvement.
  • "Lead" criteria and deliverables defined.

Program Execution

  • Leveraging program design features to gain access to key decision-makers. 
  • Engaging senior-level decision-makers on a peer-to-peer level in a frank discussion of issues and needs.
  • Comfortable with complex business and IT issues.
  • Ability to quickly and effectively internalize your selling proposition.
  • Probing for in-depth information and critical buying criteria.
  • Validating real-time sales intelligence at multiple levels and functional areas within a target company.  
  • Structured deliverables.
  • Detailed reports.

Primary Point Program Features

  • Proven effectiveness supported by outstanding client references.
  • Highly structured and defined techniques and methodologies honed over seven years of engagements.
  • Senior management and staff.
  • Clear linkage between fees, objectives, and performance. 
  • Short-term, high intensity programs.  No long-term commitment.
  • Pilot-program test phase.
  • Flexible campaign duration and intensity.

Appointment Setting

Primary Point's best-of-breed appointment setting services are designed to grow your sales pipeline by scheduling first calls and meetings for your sales professionals with key executives in existing and new target markets.

Program Staffing

The ability of our staff to execute a peer-to-peer ad hoc interviewing style drives our ability to successfully engage senior-level decision-makers to gather the business intelligence that is critical to the success of our clients’ initiatives. 

Primary Point’s business model requires staff with extensive business experience who are highly skilled, highly compensated, and highly trained. 

  • Primary Point invests an average of five months and $40,000 into training each of our consultants on Primary Point's techniques and methodologies. 
  • Staff have an average of 20 years professional experience.
  • Undergraduate and/or graduate degrees. 
  • Primary Point staff are able to quickly internalize our client’s value proposition and to react expeditiously to internal and external feedback. 


Management believes that Primary Point can provide clients with a source of competitive advantage that is otherwise unavailable in the marketplace. Furthermore, our corporate culture requires that our staff take ownership over the success of our client programs, just as you would expect from your own employees.  For these reasons, Primary Point will represent only one client in a given solution category.  Please contact us to check availability.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing solves many of the systemic problems associated with internal telephone-based lead generation operations, while providing flexibility and specialized management.  For an in-depth examination of these issues, please contact us and request our White Paper: "Sales Lead Discovery and Qualification - Insource or Outsource?"

What to Avoid

In theory, outsourcing offers better value.  In practice, many companies become disillusioned after experiencing results that do not live up to their expectations.  Blame can be equally apportioned between vendor and client.  Many companies fail to take the time to fully understand the issues that will affect vendor performance, particularly the implications of methodology and pricing models.  For an in-depth discussion of these issues, please contact us and request our White Paper:  "Outsourced Sales Lead Prospecting: Linking Program Fees, Client Objectives, and Vendor Performance"



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"Outsourced Sales Lead Prospecting: Linking Program Fees, Client Objectives, and Vendor Performance"

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"Defining a Lead and other Program Deliverables "

Click here to receive a complimentary copy of our Report:
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