Market Research

Primary Point specializes in the design and execution of B2B research initiatives, both qualitative and quantitative, in support of market research, competitive intelligence, and sales intelligence objectives.

The ability to engage C-Suite, EVP, SVP, VP, and Director level decision-makers on complex business and IT issues is a core Primary Point deliverable.

Integrated multi-channel initiatives combining online and telephone-based data collection methods and projects that combine secondary and primary research are available, as required.

Primary Qualitative Research:

  • Leveraging marketing communications capabilities to improve program results. 
  • Creating effective strategies to encourage respondent interaction.
  • Engaging respondents on a peer-to-peer level in a frank discussion of issues and needs.
  • Probing for in-depth information designed to meet your research objectives.
  • Validating real-time business intelligence at various levels within a target organization or market.
  • Providing real-time actionable business intelligence.
  • Difficult programs, succeeding where others have failed.

Secondary Research

Primary Point will design and execute secondary research projects focused on competitive intelligence objectives.  Using rigorous and proven methodologies, Primary Point will design a program unique to your specialized needs.



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