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PPI completes Unified Communications (UC) partnership research


Primary Point (PPI) recently completed research into the ever-growing and rapidly changing telecommunications marketplace for unified communications services.  The research was conducted by telephone over a five week period.  Interviews were approximately 25 minutes in length.  Quotas were segmented by company revenue.

Project Overview

PPI's client wanted to assess and analyze levels of satisfaction among partners of leading UC equipment and solutions vendors.  Additional objectives included the identification of best practices, areas of concern, future planning, market trends, and market opportunities.

Project Challenges

Challenge 1: No contact\ respondent list was available in advance.

Challenge 2: PPI discovered that contact titles did not reflect predefined responsibilities; in other words, there was no SVP\ VP\ Director of Partnerships, Alliances, or Unified Communications Vendors.  Therefore, a process of internal mapping and referral was required by PPI callers in order to identify knowledgeable respondents within the target organizations.

Challenge 3: PPI staff interviewers used their ability to execute a peer-to-peer interview style focused on an in-depth discussion of complex business and technology issues.

PPI Success Factors:

1)  Ability to work without a predefined list of contact names:

PPI specializes in B2B telephone-based data collection projects where specific contact or respondent names are not available in advance.  Our skill set includes the ability to network within organizations via a process of internal mapping and referral to identify and engage the mid and senior level contacts\ respondents who have the knowledge base that our client's research objectives require.  

Such imbedded respondents are often at a level or two below the C-Suite. This is often where the true decision-making process and relevant data reside.

2)  Range of experience:

PPI's methodologies have been successful across a broad range of industry verticals and solution & service categories.

3)  Highly trained and experienced staff:  

PPI's staff are highly experienced and skilled interviewers, trained on PPI's proprietary methodologies, techniques and procedures, and able to execute a peer-to-peer interviewing style along with the ability to probe, respond to ad hoc responses, and synthesize and summarize responses, as needed.


About Primary Point, Inc.

Primary Point (PPI) specializes in executing B2B telephone-based market research and sales intelligence projects into a broad range of industry verticals and solution & service categories.  Information technology is a specialty.  Our clients consist of top and mid-tier market research, consulting, and advisory firms.  PPI’s core competency is a proven ability to identify and establish dialogue with senior business executives, both line-of-business and IT, on complex business and technical issues.  PPI specializes in executing projects where no contact names are available in advance.

Primary Point launches new website using HubSpot


Primary Point announces the launch of HubSpot's CMS\ SEO platform at

"HubSpot's advanced capabilities should better enable Primary Point to meet the needs of our customers and the research community", states Jose Lopez, Research Director and Chief Strategist at Primary Point.

Primary Point is a leading full service B2B market research and sales intelligence provider helping clients select the best research methodology and data collection technique to match their research needs and budget.  Our services focus on helping clients improve customer acquisition, retention, win-back and channel management.

Primary Point has considerable success meeting client research objectives by gathering data from mid and upper level decision-makers on complex business or IT issues where the knowledgeable individuals are hard to identify and hard to engage.  This is particularly useful when specific contat names are not available for purchase.

With further inquiries please contact:

Jose M Lopez

Director Market Research | Primary Point Inc.

One Walnut Hill Park | Woburn MA 01801

Tel: 781.932-3100 x100 | Mobile: 617.515.2019 | Fax: 781.932.3440


Directions to Primary Point:

Primary Point Location


Primary Point’s Head Office is located at the intersection of Routes 95 and 93 north of Boston. (Please note that Route 95 = Route 128)

If traveling on Route 93 proceed south on Route 95 taking take Exit 36 – Washington Street, Woburn, Reading. Take a right at the bottom of Exit 36 and the next right on to Washington Street.

If traveling north on Route 95 use Exit 36 and take a right on to Washington Street.

Proceed down Washington Street past the Staples Office Superstore on the left and Cummings Office Park on the right. At the Lukoil Gas Station take an immediate right on to Cedar Salem Street. Proceed exactly ½ mile and slow down at top of the hill. Take a hair-pin left turn on to Pine Street (if you cross the train bridge you have gone too far) and an immediate right on to Walnut Hill Park. One Walnut Hill Park is the first building on the right. Primary Point’s offices occupy the top floor of One Walnut Hill Park.

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