Software and IT

Primary Point’s peer-to-peer interviewing style, senior level experienced staff, along with a proven ability to effectively network within organizations to identify and engage knowledgeable respondents has allowed us to build a name among companies needing to contact high and mid level executives in the IT industry. Some of the projects that we have executed are:

  • Interviews with C-suite respondents at physician Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) and parent organizations into emerging healthcare models, quality strategy initiatives, organizational best practices, and future trends within healthcare organizations.  Considerable focus on EMR and HIE systems.  Completed 110 interviews 30 minutes in length.
  • Interviews with US healthcare payer organizations (healthcare insurance providers) into IT responsiveness and transformation strategies.  Research focus on resource allocation trends, priorities, and future planning that organizations are using to adapt to the changing IT and business landscape.  Points of contact were CIO or Head of IT Finance.
  • Interviews into strategies used by digital marketing executives to stay up to-date on digital marketing innovation, trends, technologies, and opportunities.  Targeted industries included Communications & Media,  Consumer Products, Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, and RetailRecruitment and interviews with 100 software developers having three or more years experience using APIs to integrate Microsoft Exchange with other applications.
  • Interviews with senior level respondents at global hardware and software vendors, telecom providers, consulting and system integrators, outsourcers, infrastructure providers, and SaaS providers. Current market posture and future strategy for implementing alternative delivery models for IT as a service, defined as: the use of nontraditional methods, processes, and technologies to acquire and deliver IT functionality and business services in a flexible and use-based fashion.
  • Benchmarking interviews defining capabilities, policies, and procedures with senior level decision-makers at Fortune 500 organizations having responsibility for IT asset and service management. Industry focus: financial services, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and telecom.
  • Research into virtualization strategies targeting 100 respondents including CTO, Chief Architect, Head of: Infrastructure Architecture, Server Engineering, IT Planning and Strategy, IT Operations\ Infrastructure. Research emphasis on the use of virtualization to address challenges in the application Test-Dev infrastructure environment.
  • Interviews with banking organizations and senior level respondents knowledgeable about their organization's technologies used for retail and commercial lending.

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