United States   ______________________________ As a US-based company, we offer services in our own country

English Speaking Countries         _________________ Including and not limited to England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, the Bahamas, South Africa and the Netherlands

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Canada ____________________________________
Primary Point routinely runs market research projects into the Canadian marketplace

Spanish Speaking Countries ____________________ We provide Spanish and bilingual interviewing services for countries in Latin America, Spain and other Spanish speaking regions

Portuguese Speaking Countries ________________ Primary Point provides interviewing in Portuguese for Brazilian and Portuguese executives

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Other Countries around the Globe         _________ Through our network of certified partners, PPI covers non English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaking countries around the globe

Primary Point (PPI) specializes in B2B projects directed into the Western Hemisphere (North, Central, South America) as well as the Atlantic RIM (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

Our language skills include: English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Where advantageous to our client’s research objectives, PPI will partner with other best of breed providers to access other language skills.

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Primary Point (PPI) is a full service B2B market research and sales intelligence provider that will help you select the best research methodology and data collection technique to match your research needs and budget.